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Abstract Acacias

Darcy's Journal

22 May 1980
Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles; then I went to really not very sunny Oxford; now I'm in Berkeley. Where it's sometimes sunny and always very pretty. I'm a graduate student in Classics.

A note on my journal and friending: I lock a lot of my entries, these days, despite earlier professions of not believing in locking journal entries. These days, pretty much the only unlocked things are quiz/memes and fandom stuff. However, because I still essentially want anyone who so desires to be able to read my journal, I'll likely friend you back if you ask. Especially now that I know about the "default view" filter. Just leave a comment on any available post. If you want to see what my "full" journal is like, pretty much anything prior to New Year 2004 is unlocked.
a.e. housman, a.s. byatt, ahmed's kebab van, allison cameron, alyson hannigan, ancient greek, angel, anglo-saxons, anonymous 4, babylon 5, baking, battlestar galactica, belgian beer, blake's 7, books, bread, brian froud, bsg, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cadbury creme eggs, catullus, chai, chanticleer, cheese, chocolate, classics, computers, cooking, corpus christi college, dorothy l. sayers, dorothy sayers, dragons, drawing, dune, e.e. cummings, early music, edward gorey, ee cummings, ella fitzgerald, fairytales, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fawlty towers, femslash, firefly, frank herbert, french, g&s, gilbert & sullivan, gilbert and sullivan, greek, greek mythology, harry potter, herb gardens, heroes, hildegard von bingen, homestar runner, house, housman, how i met your mother, inara, indigo girls, ivanova, j.w. waterhouse, james joyce, jeff noon, joan baez, john keats, john william waterhouse, john wyndham, josquin des pres, junior mints, kara thrace, keats, lara perkins, latin, lesbians, lisa cuddy, literature, long hair, madeleine l'engle, madrigals, marmite, mary gentle, melanie rawn, mexican food, michael whelan, monteverdi, monty python, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwhere, next generation, opera, operettas, original star trek, ovid, oxford, oxford university, patricia a. mckillip, patricia mckillip, pedantry, pern, pizza, poetry, pratchett, preraphaelites, princess bride, puzzle hunts, queen, rambling syd rumpo, rats, red dwarf, renoir, role-playing, sandman, science fiction, sculling, serenity, simon and garfunkel, singing, slash, soldiers of love, sourdough, south park, star trek, starbuck, steeleye span, stephen sondheim, sullivan, susan cooper, susan ivanova, tea, terry pratchett, the beatles, the daily show, the l word, the police, tolkien, tom bombadil, tom lehrer, tori amos, vurt, w.s. gilbert, willow, willow rosenberg, wine


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